Import and Export

Abadecom Manufacturer SL has a strong commitment to the industry and is committed to facilitating the import and export of goods to small and medium-sized companies, thus creating opportunities for growth and competitiveness.

Our team of experts in international trade takes care of what is necessary to efficiently manage the process of importing and exporting products, designing an internationalization strategy and supervising its execution to successfully manage your merchandise.

International Logistics

Abadecom Manufacturer SL provides services in the logistics sector where depending on the needs of the client plans the transport chain, both sea and land, for this it has a network of customs agents in different points globally that guarantee the safety and effectiveness of the operation.

Installation and Assembly

Abadecom Manufacturer SL offers the installation and assembly in the Valencian Community of the products we sell. For this we have an experienced team in the assembly and installation of these 100% ecological products.