Aquanostra is a self-sufficient drinking water harvester, capable of generating self-sufficient water with 100% ecological and renewable energy, being a novelty and innovation in acquiring water through nanotechnology and a clean and pure flow system, capable of creating quality water, ready to drink; either in homes, hospitals, schools,  institutions and even modifying the system, could reach self-supply villages and towns far from conventional hydraulic networks.

Aquanostra is born from the imperative need to harvest our greatest and most precious liquid; water, achieving a clean and pure water ready to drink, with the sole purpose of supplying the great growth of the world population, which according to estimates of the United Nations Organization (UN), at the end of the XXI century, we could reach the figure of 10 billion inhabitants; as well as provide sustainable and ecological solutions to the great scarcity that it exists in various areas of our planet.

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