The company Abadecom offers an ecological modular construction project (EcoModular), with an ideal flexibility to adapt to any climate, using mainly recycled and recyclable materials; following this proposal, it creates a self-sustaining Modular System with low environmental impact, capable of remaining isolated from electrical, hydraulic or sanitary networks.

This modular system is designed so that it can provide a large number of solutions to different architectural typologies. In this presentation, the housing typology and health posts are mainly addressed; which are designed to be temporary or permanent.

Committed to our society and the circular economy, the sustainable development goals and targets of the UN 2030 Plan, in addition to education and acquisition of environmental culture and within our socially responsible corporate business project: we use in the manufacture of our Modular System to a large extent 100% recycled and recyclable materials, as well as renewable energies. These exterior materials are prepared for the incidence of ultraviolet rays and inclement weather: heat, cold, humidity, rain, etc.

The biggest advantage of this modular system is its ease of being installed in any climate and its ability to be self-sustaining, completely independent even in places with little annual rainfall.

Its prefabricated structure provides a quick solution to the assembly in situ, speeding up the construction time and reducing the impact that it may have on the adjacent ecosystem.

EcoModular has a competitive price, since the construction of a housing module is cheaper than traditional construction, without counting on the easy adaptation to any type of climate or terrain condition.

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