Photoluminescent truncated beacon

Field of Application

  • It is a truncated cylinder with a highly durable 100% recycled/recyclable plastic body, from urban and/or industrial waste (simulation finish).The function of this piece, once loaded, is to signal and/or mark areas without lighting or dimly lit, such as: gardens, tourist, archaeological and astronomical tourism routes; trails and greenways, rural car parks, bike lanes, paths for running; itineraries in natural parks and viewpoints, among others.


  • 100% recycled and 100% recyclable plastic provides long life and resistance to the effects of UV radiation.
  • Minimum maintenance, non-splinterable product, nor oxidizable.
  • Thermal and electrical insulation..
  • Inert to environmental, chemical degradation or putrefaction
  • Resistant, non-deformable, manageable, flexible and solid
  • Ecological and non-polluting recycled plastic, it has a negative carbon footprint, (-0 Carbon footprint) not only is something new manufactured, but the existing waste is reused.
  • Possibility of injecting the piece with rice straw, coffee, vegetable fiber among others.
  • Luminescent devices are activated by sunlight or artificial light, also offering resistance to aging caused by the long-term action of UV rays.
  • This device allows its visibility in dark conditions or in poorly lit areas. 
  • Once the photoluminescent piece is charged (10 min), the luminescence lasts 10 to 12 hours in dark conditions..
  • Upon request, a screw can be inserted into the piece to increase its grip on the ground.

Dimensions of the Truncated Cylinder

  • Height: 65 mm
  • Diameter of the photoluminescent part: 67 mm
  • Cylinder front diameter : 87 mm
  • Width: 86 mm
  • Base: 125 mm

Mode of fixation

  • The photoluminescent truncated beacon is fixed to any pavement or horizontal surface, through the use of a fixing resin.
  • A distance between 2.5 and 5 meters between photoluminescent truncated beacons is recommended.

Must take into account

  • In order for the effect of luminescence to be appreciated, no light has to fall directly on the piece.

Technical information Photoluminiscent piece.

  • Color glitter : Green 
  • Operating temperature range: -15ºC / 50ºC.
  • Luminance after 10 minutes: Greater than  1.300 mcd/m2
  • Luminance after  60 minutes: Greater than 190 mcd/m2
  • Attenuation Time UNE 23035 (*): Greater than 26,600 minutes

(*) Logarithmic extrapolation according to UNE 23035 until obtaining the time in which the luminance is 0.3 mcd/m2.

The technical data reflected is based on the technical knowledge obtained in external laboratories and by our technicians.

Technical information base of plastic 100 % recycled and 100% recyclable.

  • Color:  Brown / Black / Terracotta / Green / Natural gray / Bench
  • Material 100% recycled and 100% recyclable.
  • Resistant, non-deformable, manageable, flexible and solid
  • Thermal and electrical insulation, waterproof
  • Low maintenance, non-splintering and non-rusting
  • Easy handling superior to that of wood
  • Inert to environmental, chemical degradation and putrefaction
  • Ecological and non-polluting, resistant to the action of animals or insects
  • Sterile, hygienic, easy to clean, anti-graffiti and anti-vandalism
  • Almost unlimited durability
  • Great versatility in its applications
  • Very realistic imitation of natural color
  • Very integrated with the environment

Download: Technical file