Field of application

Es uIt is a photoluminescent stone that can be incorporated to the surface of a continuous pavement executed in situ by means of the technique of sprinkling on the surface of the fresh concrete, or to a prefabricated piece in its most superficial layer, perfect to be used in gardens, spa, common areas or in design decorations, delivering an extraordinary ability to capture sunlight, accumulate and emit it throughout the night. This is a product based on enriched strontium aluminates of very high light output.


  • It is activated with sunlight or artificial light
  • It allows visibility in dark conditions or in poorly lit areas
  • It is resistant to water and ultraviolet rays ( suitable for outdoor)
  • Once charged, the luminescence last 10 to 12 hours in dark conditions

How to use

  • Photoluminescent stone is applied on the surface of the element to be treated.

Recommended usage

  • The usual spreading capacity is between 0.50 and 1.00 kg / m2.


  • Photoluminescent stone is presented in 10 kg bags.

Storage conditions/ Storage Time

  • There are no restrictions on this.

Handling and transport

  • Wash your hands before a break and at the end of the work. Do not eat, drink and smoke during application.
  • The disposal of the product and its packaging must be carried out in accordance with current legislation and is the responsibility of the final holder.

Must take into account

  • In order for the luminescence effect to be appreciated, no light must shine directly on the surface to be treated.


  • Main function: Coating Stone
  • Physical Appearance: Granular
  • Colors: Blue and Green
  • Glow Duration: approxmately 10 to 12 hours
  • Sizes(mm): 1-4, 4-8, 8-12
  • Operating temperature range: -15ºC 50ºC
  • Luminance after 10 minutes: Greater than 586 mcd/m2 (green light)
  • Luminance after 60 minutes: Greater than 81.9 mcd/m2 (green light)
  • Attenuation time UNE 23035 (*): Greater than 10,955 minutes

(*) Logarithmic extrapolation according to UNE 23035 until obtaining the time in which the luminance is 0,3 mcd/m2

The technical data reflected are the result of statistical results and do not represent guaranteed minimums.